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Tax planning, preparation & problem resolution

Countdown to Oct. 17:

Extended filing deadline this year is Monday, Oct. 17 because Oct. 15 is on a weekend.

In the mailbox

Have you received a letter from the IRS or Arizona Department of Revenue? Don't be frightened by a still-sealed envelope ... and don't be confused by a complicated sounding notice. Scan and email or drop off a copy to us for review. Many IRS letters arrive during the summer, and we're available year-round to represent you in resolving tax problems.

Reminder: extended business returns are due Sept.15

If you filed an extension for your business, your corporate or partnership return is due Sept. 15.

Individual returns that were extended are due Oct. 15.

More than tax preparation

Many people think of tax consultants just at tax time, but Davis Tax Service is here provide more than just compiling your tax return. We want to start with your tax strategy, so that your tax return ends up being merely the last step in managing your tax situation.

I've long said that half of my job is preparing your tax return, and half is helping you plan taxwise for the coming year. Tax planning makes life easier for both you and me, and it saves you money. Many tax breaks have to be handled in advance; they can't be taken come April. Frankly, I feel many people who cheat on their taxes do so simply because they failed to plan to take advantage of the tax opportunites available to them.

The first step toward a tax strategy is to think of me as a part of your financial team. When you are thinking about making a financial move, call or email to bounce the idea off me. If the answer is short, I'll tell you for free. If the matter will require some time to discuss or research, we can set up an appointment at a modest hourly fee.